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Ontario, Canada

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At Freelynkr we offer our users a great way to connect and engage with other users, networking and collaboration, a place for knowledge sharing and learning, Support and Inspiration, and a great way to amplify your voice.

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Providing private chat and instant messaging to all users.

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An easily understandable and quick-to-operate website is what counts the most when it comes to user-friendliness.

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You know how the saying goes - "Time flies when you're having fun." Here at Freelynkr it literally does.

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  • Saden Joe | Other, Watch Party
  • 10.3k Viewers
  • Brian Valdez | Other, Watch Party
  • 9.2k Viewers
  • Frank | Other, Watch Party
  • 5.2 Viewers
  • Sarah | Other, Watch Party
  • 4.8k Viewers

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Emma Watson

Great place! I love it here.

Fred Miller

My new home for live streaming.

John Doe

Such a fun place to spend time.

Sarah Zemba

I have met a group of wonderful people here and I would recommend it to anyone.

Tara Steen

My new hangout!

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